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POG Kinis

In POGs slammers are called Kinis, and my collection of WPF Kinis are displayed below. Some of them are the same design, but in different colours. The silver one with the dog on it is made of metal, all the rest are plastic. Most of them came with packets of POGs, although some of them came in packets just of Kinis. The packets of Kinis sometimes included extra thick Kinis, which were not available in normal packets of POGs. The scan of the full set of all 24 UK WPF Kinis at the bottom was kindly provided by Nathan Kunicki. I also have some Batman Kinis, Animaniacs Kinis, A Christmas Kini, A Milkcap Maker Kini, The Tick Kinis, Looney Tunes Kinis and Space Precinct Kinis.